Our ultrasonic flowmeters for saturated steam and superheated steam 

Steam is an indispensable and valuable source of energy and heat in almost the entire manufacturing industry, for power plants and many buildings. With the rising energy costs, comprehensive monitoring of steam production, distribution and consumption is gaining more and more importance. 

Whether for energy management, balancing and accounting or process optimization – it pays to take a closer look at this important resource.

With the FLUXUS ST-LT and FLUXUS ST-HT devices, FLEXIM offers the perfect solution for all requirements – non-invasive measurement of mass and volume metrics with ultrasound.  

The advantages are evident – no downtime necessary for commissioning, no loss of pressure or energy, and no danger of leakage. And with the enormous measuring dynamics resulting from transit time difference measurements, there are no restrictions in the range of measurement.

The flowmeters FLUXUS G532 ST-LT, G722 ST-LT and G831 ST-LT are suitable for mass and volume flow measurement of saturated steam in typical heating applications of up to 180 °C steam temperature, based on the proven transit time difference measurement. 

The flowmeters FLUXUS G722 ST-HT and G831 ST-HT with Correlation Flow Measurement (CFM) cover temperature ranges of up to 630 °C, and are specialized devices for all applications using superheated steam. 

Our portfolio is rounded out by our flagship for mobile flow metering: FLUXUS G601 ST combines all flow metering applications from liquids to pressurized air and technical gases, thermal energy measurements and saturated steam up to 180 °C into a single device. The ultimate multi tool for any energy manager.