FLEXIM's series FLUXUS G gas flowmeter sets the standards for non-invasive gas metering. Clamped onto the outside of the pipe wall, the bi-directional flow measurement system measures any kind of gas, is independent of pressure peaks, vortexes, lateral or pulsating gas flows and does not cause any pressure drop.

Even the flow measurement of wet gas is not a challenge for FLEXIM.

By integrating additional process parameters such as pressure and temperature, FLUXUS gas flowmeters are also provide high precision measurement of mass flow rate as well as operational and standard volume flows.

Temporary flow measurements are possible almost anywhere with portable FLUXUS gas flowmeters.

Accuracy and reliability are FLEXIM’s strongest distinguishers. Our ultrasonic transducers are specifically matched, paired and feature integrated temperature compensation which guarantees a excellent zero stability as well as high precision at very low pressures and low flow velocities.

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FLUXUS G722 - Synchronized Channel Averaging (SCA) Non-intrusive Ultrasonic Meter

Rapid Channel Switching - High Performance - Enhanced...