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FLEXIM donates to help flood-hit community

Following the devastating floods of July 2021, when the river Ahr turned into a raging, destructive torrent, the FLEXIM team in Berlin desperately wanted to do something to help the people of this ravaged area of Germany. The village of Mayschoss in the Ahr Valley was chosen as a focus for our support as we have colleagues with connections to this region, previously known for its idyllic wine villages.

Helping to rebuild morale.

Thanks to our caring and dedicated team, FLEXIM collected donations, which was put towards the support of an ongoing project to reopen the kitchen in the former restaurant of a winegrowers’ cooperative, so that local residents had somewhere to go to eat lunch free of charge, as well as enjoying a hearty breakfast and morale-boosting evening get-togethers. Thanks to the tireless work of volunteers, helpers and craftsmen, this important project offered real salvation and hope to the people of Mayschoss, and we are proud to have been a part of it.

“The greatest good is what we do for one another” Mother Teresa