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We give warmth

FLEXIM supports the DRK Berlin warming bus with 10,000 euros

As part of our FLEXIM Cares charity programme, FLEXIM is supporting the work of the Berlin Red Cross warming bus with a donation of 10,000 euros.

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FLEXIM makes Kindeswohl-Berlin’s winter trip a reality

What could be better than romping in the snow with friends during the day, eating a hearty stew in the evening, and most of all knowing - you are not alone.

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FLEXIM Cares is Dedicated to Protecting our Future

Dedicated to giving back to the community and the environment, FLEXIM Cares is a division of non-invasive ultrasonic flowmeter manufacturer FLEXIM, and is involved in an increasing number of important local projects around the world. On a global level, this year FLEXIM is proud to support the protection of our precious oceans. We’ve already made valuable contributions to supporting land and animal conservation through donations made to WWF, and we now aim to help preserve our oceans and diverse marine life by contributing to the world renowned organization OCEANA.

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We’re helping to keep children safe with Check-In

This year FLEXIM Germany felt it was important to make a sizeable donation to the local Children’s organization, Check-In. From its inception, Check-In has evolved to become an indispensable part of everyday life for several generations of children in need of refuge.

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FLEXIM donates to help flood-hit community

Following the devastating floods of July 2021, when the river Ahr turned into a raging, destructive torrent, the FLEXIM team in Berlin desperately wanted to do something to help the people of this ravaged area of Germany. The village of Mayschoss in the Ahr Valley was chosen as a focus for our support as we have colleagues with connections to this region, previously known for its idyllic wine villages.

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Helping Children and Animals in Need

This year, FLEXIM Americas collected donations for two organizations during the holiday season. Colleagues generously donated toys to The John Thiessen Foundation which helps sick and underprivileged children. The other organization, The Little Shelter Animal Rescue and Adoption Center, is an animal rescue facility that relies on donations to survive. FLEXIM colleagues enthusiastically donated food and supplies to help save the rescued animals. Both organizations were extremely grateful for the generosity and kindness shown by our FLEXIM colleagues. Thank you to our caring FLEXIM Team who donated to such worthy causes this holiday season!

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Run for DOT - Daughters Of Tomorrow

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” –Aesop

From a casual discussion during Business Unit meeting of one faithful Friday the 17th of September 2021, it birthed an idea to want to contribute back to the society. The thoughts of "which country should we help", "how can we make an impact", "who are the people that has the biggest needs" came by, which also leads us questioning ourselves in "we won't be able to raise much", "we are a small office", "what if we fail in raising any awareness". But, truly, charity begins at FLEXIMers hearts, and we decided to start off from home base - sunny Singapore.

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FLEXIM Helps India

Employees donate for emergency aid project

In the Spring of 2021, as the situation in many countries began to slightly improve, India was heavily hit by the second wave of COVID and experienced a collapse of the health system with tragic consequences. FLEXIM employees immediately started a company-wide fundraising campaign that collected 4,300 euros. "We couldn't just watch, we had to help here," said one employee. The company known for its non-invasive ultrasonic flowmeters, matched employee donations as part of their FLEXIM Cares initiative, so that 8,600 euros could be transferred to the Akshaya Patra Foundation. This non-profit organization delivers meals and food packages to marginalized and low-income sections of the population as part of Corona emergency relief activities. With the donations, a total of 24,960 cooked meals for people in Delhi and Bangalore were financed and distributed.

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Holiday Toy Drive for Sick and Underprivileged Children

During the particularly tough 2020 holiday season, FLEXIM AMERICAS came together as the united caring team they are and Sponsored families in need. FLEXIM teamed up with the John Theissen Children Foundation who cares for sick and underprivileged children. We were given the “L” family to sponsor who had 5 young children- 3 boys who hoped for trucks and trains and 2 girls who wished for dolls and arts and crafts. We had such a great response from the team that we were able to supply gifts to even more families. Our humble office tree was the centerpiece for the plethora of gifts our generous team brought in. When the toys were dropped off, the workers were in awe of the amount of gifts donated. During such a hard year it warms the heart to see how much good is still out there. The FLEXIM team makes a difference every day and particularly during the holidays for those less fortunate. These children had the biggest smiles and their parents had the warmest hearts knowing the kindness of absolute strangers helped bring joy to their family.

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Giving light in Berlin-Marzahn

The Theodorus Hospiz Marzahn is a facility for terminal care. In 16 single rooms the guests, as the patients are called here, are cared for on their last journey.

The nursing service tries to create a pleasant atmosphere in the guest rooms. Light plays a particularly important role in this. A pleasant lighting atmosphere has a very positive effect on the guests and their visitors.

In the pre-Christmas season 2020 FLEXIM’s employees have asked how they could support the hospice. They were told that it would be nice to further embellish and brighten up the rooms with bedside and floor lamps. With this in mind, FLEXIMers have donated money for the light. 305 Euros have been collected within FLEXIM Cares. For the donation money a home-center voucher was purchased and given to the hospice.