Non-invasive clamp-on measurement of gas properties

Recent changes in the world’s energy pipeline have created new challenges to ensuring a stable, reliable source of natural gas to the world market. What was once largely a single source, easily quantifiable commodity has been replaced with multiple sources of varying quality.

Additionally, changes in hydrogen and biogas injection in transport systems demand a new way to measure natural gas.

Reliable measurement of flow and sound speed is accomplished by FLEXIM’s proven, robust transducer technology using only two inputs – pressure and temperature set the base for analytical correction of changing compositions, allowing wide variations of gas quality to be easily analyzed.

FLEXIM’s Dynamic Gas Master (DGM) measures natural gas sound speed using these clamp-on, ultrasonic flow measurements to calculate the compressibility, molar mass, density and gross heating value of any natural gas mix.

Using more than 2,000 data sets, FLEXIM’s technology accommodates virtually unlimited working ranges. These ranges may be further fine-tuned to specific end-user requirement to precisely determine quality, character and quantity of any natural gas flow.

Dynamic Gas Master system can be deployed at any point in the network without additional piping, making it the perfect tool to monitor quality over the entire network.

Watch the video to learn more about the feature.