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Industrial Wastewater is a common liquid to handle in rather big amounts at chemical sites. As it significantly differs in comparison to municipal wastewater, chemical sites employ their own treatment facilities before the purified water can be fed back into public waters.

At a chemical site in northern Germany, the wastewater is treated in two big elevated tanks. Due to the size of the chemical park, the pipes leading to these two tanks are rather big in size and range from DN200 up to DN1000.

As of the fact, that no process interruption for installation has to take place, the site operator decided to employ the FLUXUS ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter for the measurement of these wastwater streams.

Magnetive inductive flow meters (MID's) are the most common flow meters for measuring volumetric water flow rates. Though being considerably inexpensive at smaller pipe diameters, their costs increase significantely with the pipe size. Moreover, they require to open the pipe for installation which adds additional personal as well as financial cost due to necessary process shut down.
With FLUXUS being independent of the pipe size, not requiring any pipe works or plant shut downs, it is the more cost efficient alternatives.

Due to its built-in HybridTrek mode, the FLUXUS flow meter is also capable to measure accurately and reliable at elevated levels of entrained particles, such as in wastewater.


  • Cost efficient monitoring of industrial wastewater streams
  • Clamp-on flow meter solutions independent of pipe size and not requiring any pipe work
  • Accurate and reliable measurement even at elevated levels of entrained particles