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Thermal Submetering

You have to measure energy before you can manage it.

40% of all generated energy is consumed by buildings of all kinds. To meet national targets for energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction, building operators need to focus more and more on efficiency for heating and cooling processes. To find optimization potentials, constant monitoring is a key element.

The perfect retrofit solution

FLEXIM clamp-on thermal energy meters are installed in less than 1 hour, without ever needing to shut down or drain heating or cooling systems.

This makes them the perfect energy submetering solution for buildings that need to expand their monitoring systems. This resulting data provides insights that are leveraged into more efficient plant operation.

Low-Flow ability and high accuracy

The transit time measuring principle can detect flow velocities down to 0.01 m/s. Conventional inline meters quit indicating at much higher velocities. The means that thermal submetering is much more accurate, and every BTU is accounted for.

FLEXIM’s innovative aperture calibration achieves 0,3% system accuracy which translate easily to 1% field accuracy. Of course, the FLEXIM’s calibration is traceable to national standards.

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