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Advanced Meter Verification (AMV) allows you to check the health of your FLUXUS flow measurements in depth directly onsite without the need of process interruption. This flow meter verification solution saves cost while ensuring the performance of your non-invasive flow measurement.

AMV helps you to ensure that your FLUXUS measuring system meets your measurement requirements. The continuous acquisition and permanent storage of diagnostic values by the transmitter enables regular verification. Based on this data, maintenance can be planned, and unexpected failures can be avoided.

The automatically generated flow meter verification report provides the documentation required for your quality management system.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Savings in maintenance and calibration cost due to efficient onsite meter verification
  • Transparent statement regarding the health of your flow measurement
  • Predictive maintenance via trend evaluation
  • Indication of potential improvement measures
  • Documentation compliant with ISO9001:2015



Advanced Meter Verification Brochure