November 24, 2020

Vlad and six FLEXIM colleagues thought a “Tough Mudder” event might be fun. Requiring a 17.5 km / 11 mile run, jumping into dirt holes, climbing walls, diving through cold water at 3⁰C / 37⁰F, crawling under barbed wire in brown mud and getting 10,000 V electric shocks, it’s a team event that may not be for everyone. FLEXIM though thrives on a strong team culture, and that is what Tough Mudder is all about. Completing an event demands commitment, hard work, and most of all, that everyone works together for a common goal.

There is no mud in any FLEXIM office, but teamwork is deeply embedded in the company culture. Shared knowledge is critical in this field with so many new applications demanding solutions. FLEXIM’s team approach ensures experience is shared and built upon.

Building a clearly defined culture in a company just thirty years old, with a global presence and that keeps growing, is not easy, but FLEXIM’s founders and managers have done just that. Some customer, distributor and employee stories will explain how.

The Customer Perspective

Customers choose FLEXIM clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters for many reasons. Some appreciate the non-invasive nature of the technology that avoids flow restrictions and makes for a straightforward retrofit. Others select FLEXIM for the proven accuracy and reliability of their flow meters. In other cases, it is the deep applications expertise coupled with a willingness to customize they value most.

Beyond these though, a common theme emerges in the customer stories that find their way back to headquarters in Berlin. It is the support, service, and responsiveness they get from FLEXIM that makes the difference.

For example, a Manager at NASA’s White Sands Test Facility told us, “Your organizations ability to respond to this as quickly as you did have earned the appreciation and respect of everyone involved here.”

Then there are the comments we receive about our people, like, “Your field technician was so knowledgeable with the product and was able to get the project done efficiently,” and, “knowing FLEXIM is there to offer assistance and advice is truly an enjoyable experience. I thoroughly enjoy the expertise and engaging personality whenever I need to get answers.”

It is feedback like this that lets every one of FLEXIM’s employees know they’re making a difference, and it motivates them to go further and try harder.

Distributors: The Key to a Global Presence

Flow meters are used on every continent and it would be impracticable to give customers the service and support they need directly from the Berlin, Germany, headquarters. That is why FLEXIM has a network of partnerships that help provide a global presence.

These distributors and representatives become partners through their extensive applications and product knowledge, and their ability to deliver the levels of service and support end-users expect.

One of FLEXIM’s long standing representatives said, “Unlike some manufacturers, FLEXIM’s response has always been quick and responsive with a business attitude of serving and helping the customer.”

It is partnerships like these that give FLEXIM a global presence.

The View from Inside: Employee Stories

Over 30 years FLEXIM has grown from four to 400 employees. Inevitably, many are rather new to the business, which is precisely why the leadership devotes so much time and energy on team building and communicating the company culture.

One of FLEXIM’s long serving employees “Coming to work for FLEXIM was without a doubt one of the best decisions of my life. I love the people I work with both in our office and abroad, the work is challenging and rewarding, and the product is something to be proud of.”

Another long-standing member of the FLEXIM team exclaims, “It is great fun selling the best meters in the world!” And then there’s Vlad and the rest of the “Tough Mudder” team. Vlad noted that, “Despite all the hardships... all of [the team] got through to the end in a healthy and relatively lively manner.” Now he is looking to enlist more FLEXIM employees in the next event!

30 Years of Collective Experience

Success means growth, and growth means many new employees. When this happens there’s a risk of diluting the culture that made the young company a success, but FLEXIM has worked to ensure the opposite happens.

New employees are educated in the FLEXIM company culture so that they understand what matters and how they should behave. Sharing employee and customer stories helps, but a big factor is the development of a strong team culture. Not every employee wants to be on the “Tough Mudder” team, but everyone is part of the FLEXIM team.