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Überzeugen Sie sich selbst von den Vorteilen und der überlegenen Leistungsfähigkeit unserer eingriffsfreien Durchflussmesstechnik durch eine unverbindliche Testmessung bei Ihnen vor Ort. Die mit unserem portablen Clamp-On-Ultraschallsystem durchgeführten Messungen bedürfen keiner Vorbereitung und lassen sich innerhalb weniger Minuten realisieren.

Bitte beschreiben Sie kurz Ihre Messaufgabe! Über zusätzliche Anmerkungen und die Nennung eines bevorzugten Zeitraums für die Testmessung freuen wir uns:

Flow Measurement of Flotation Feed

Flow Measurement of Flotation Feed

The hydrometallurgical processing of copper sulphide ore - as well as other minerals, such as iron ores, etc. - starts with crushing it into fine powder and then separating the valuable minerals by means of a flotation process.

Volumetric flow measurements are required to maintain a proper process control and efficiency. Conventional metering technologies, such as magnetic inductive meters are often subject to severe scaling and abrasion. These internal occurrences effect the electrodes and inner linings causing subsequent measurement drift of the unit, leading to increased maintenance, flowmeter replacements and subsequently costly plant down times.

FLEXIM's non-invasive ultrasonic flow meters are the ideal solution for such applications. As the measuring system is installed on the outside of the pipe wall, direct contact with the slurry inside the pipe is avoided. As the system is housed inside rugged stainless steel mounting fixtures, long-term stable measurement is guaranteed even under the harshest conditions. The system is virtually maintenance-free and plant shut-downs are not required for their installation.

Besides its high durability, the FLUXUS clamp-on ultrasonic meters provide superior accuracy and repeatability. Due to its strong signal attenuation, matched and paired transducers and advanced digital signal processing, the system does not drift and is highly zero point stable.


  • Highly accurate and repeatable flow measurement of slurries with high solid contents
  • Virtually maintenance free - no pipe cutting or plant shut-downs for installation required
  • Long-term stable and durable operation due to rugged stainless steel design and permanent pipe wall coupling
  • Highly cost-efficient and independent of pipe dimensions, material and quality of pipe manufacture

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