Easy and cost-efficient retrofit solution to identify even the smallest leakage rates

Do you know if you have spray water leaking into your steam tubes? Undetected water leaks can quench your steam pipes and liners, which can lead to thermal fatigue cracking. Detect those leaks to save costs and ensure plant availability!

Boiler tube damages are a severe issue that can lead to high expenses and limited availability of your asset. Leaking spray water block vales in steam attemperator systems can lead to severe steam tube damages.

In our video, we will present a case study about leak detection in spray water lines. Furthermore, we will present the measurement solution, which has been used by the combined cycle plant operator to detect leaks, implement corrective measures, save expenses, and ensure plant availability. You will learn:

  • How the measurement system is working.
  • How it has been used by an US CCGT operator to detect spray water leaks.
  • How easy and cost-efficient the leak detection can be realized.