Embracing the challenge of FPSO metering (webinar recording)

FLEXIM's FPSO metering capabilities

Did you know that the life expectancy of a new FPSO is only 15 to 20 years? Approximately 80% of the active FPSOs around the world are now approaching the limit of their life expectancy and therefore on the verge of modifications allowing a "life extension".

Currently there are more than 200 FPSOs operating around the globe as they are less expensive, safer, more flexible and more time efficient than traditional offshore oil and gas platforms.

Onboard facilities for production, storage and offloading of hydrocarbons make these vessels a complex network of flow lines, risers, storage tanks and utilities that need to be monitored, maintained and optimized.

Metering instruments are used for hydrocarbon production, process control and custody transfer. Combination of liquids, gases and chemicals in a variety of process conditions can give EPC companies and vessel owners headaches when trying to decide what technology is best suited for these environments. FLEXIM's ultrasonic clamp-on technology has proven to be beneficial, reliable and cost-effective.

In our video, we give you a brief introduction into the FLEXIM's ultrasonic technology and present:

  • FPSO typical USCO applications,
  • FLEXIM’s FPSO approach,
  • FLEXIM’s references.

Watch the webinar recording and learn how to easily monitor all relevant media on an FPSO unit with one efficient technology.