Flexim China held seminar at SEI

Flexim China team conducted a products seminar at SINOPEC Engineering Incorporation (SEI) in Beijing on March 26th, 2014.

Yuan Xia (project manager), William Yuan (regional sales manager), Vincent Yu (regional sales manager), from Flexim China delivered the seminar and more than 35 engineers, including one chief engineer, two lead engineers and seven senior engineers, from SEI attended the seminar. It was surprisedly much more than we planned and expected, in terms of number of people andprofessional levels of the people attended. The Chief engineer also gave very positive comments about acceptance of ultrasonic flowmeter and its future potentials.

The seminar was delivered in two sections, presentations and demo shows. Presentations cover Flexim products application in refinery (highlighted advantages in DCU), natural gas, LNG, coal chemical and advantages bring to customer. Flexim clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement advance in extreme temp, high pressure, thick pipe wall, fast food model, high accuracy, multi-phase capability, small pipe size were also highlighted through the presentation.

Two sets of demo were prepared to show in the seminar. The F601 flow loop demo was assembled and showed with status of normal liquid flow and liquid flow with slightly air bubbles/ great amount of air bubbles. F601 worked well under each circumstances which impressed the customer who used to think ultrasonic clamp-on cannot deal with multi-phase.

The other demo was waveinjector simulation demo which explain itself vividly to customer how WI system assembled with customer piping and how WI system can perform under extreme temperature application.

One of Flexim China strategic targets is to promote products in refinery and petrochemical industries. The successful seminar in SEI (one of the biggest and most important design institute of refinery and petrochemical in China) improve Flexim cognition and acceptance in the industries.