FLEXIM - PIOX R - Hygienic Design Variant - Process Refractometer for Hygienic Environments

Process Refractometer for Hygienic Environments

Concentration analysis in the Beverage as well as the Pharmaceutical Industries is a very important aspect of real time quality control.

Whether the degree of ° Brix, Oechsle or Plato needs to be monitored during soft and fruit drink production as well as the beer brewing process or concentration levels of ascorbic and cetogulon acid during Vitamin C manufacturing have to be supervised, PIOX R outputs the desired values with an accuracy of 0.1 %.

PIOX R is highly hygienic by itself. With its stainless steel housing (electric polished if required), the sapphire prism and completely engineered with no allowance for dead spaces, potential bacterial contamination can be ruled out at any time.

PIOX R can be integrated into the process via Varivent or Tri-clamp compatible flanges.

Process Refractometer for Hygienic Environments - PIOX R - Hygienic Design Variant


  • Highly accurate, reliable and hygienic real-time concentration measurement solution (° Brix, Oechsle, Plato, sugar content and more)
  • No measurement drift due to potential plate out as often indicated when employing conventional critical angle refractometers
  • Quality assurance due to real time product monitoring - costly laboratory testing becomes obsolete


Measuring quantities
(temperature compensated) Refractive index, media temperature, ° Brix (Plato, Oechsle), w%, additional quantities programmable
Measurement range
nD: 1.3 ...1.7, °Brix: 0 ...100
nD: 0.0002 (corresponds to: 0.1 °Brix, 0.1 w%)
Operating temp. (media)
- 20 °C ... + 150 °C
Fluid pressure
PN 10, PN 16, on request PN 40 (depending on process connection)
Sensor: IP67, ATEX (IECEx) Zone 0/1, 1, 2 Transmitter: PIOX R704: IP65, ATEX (IECEx) Zone 2 optional
PIOX R705: IP66, stainless steel enclosure, ATEX (IECEx) Zone 2 and FM Class I, Div. 2 optional PIOX R709: 19 inch rack version
Wetted parts, materials
Stainless Steel 316L (1.4404)
Housing material
Stainless Steel 304 (1.4301)
Process connection
Compatible to Varivent or Tri-clamp connection

360° view




PIOX R - Hygienic Design


PIOX R400 -hygiene-

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