FLUXUS Semiconductor - F501SC

One of the highest priorities within cleanroom environments is to avoid potential contamination of flowing media - such as ultrapure or deionized water, cleaning agents, solvents as well as acids and caustics - through dissolved metals.

FLEXIM thus developed a non-invasive ultrasonic meter that is ideally suited for such applications:

The FLUXUS Semiconductor is engineered and manufactured without any metal components. Further, as it is mounted outside the elastic tube or pipe, there is no intrusion, no direct media contact and thus never a possibility for any leaks or contamination. Moreover, costly process stops for installation are not necessary and the system itself is virtually maintenance-free.

Reliability and accuracy are one of FLEXIM’s cornerstones. The FLUXUS semiconductor is no exception – even when mounted on elastic tubes. A special fixture ensures a stable and durable mounting, allowing for an unrivalled precision over many years.

Thus, the FLUXUS Semiconductor is the ideal flow meter for an economic operation within cleanroom environments by accurately, reliably and safely monitoring the consumption and flow rates of any flowing media – even at very low flow rates down to several liters per hour.

Non-invasive Ultrasonic Flow Meter for the Semiconductor Industries - FLUXUS Semiconductor - F501SC