Flow assurance is not only critical in terms of process efficiency but especially crucial in regard to safety.

The Power Generation, Chemical, Oil & Gas and Offshore industries rely on fire pump deluge systems for vital personnel and process plant protection. It is crucial for plant operators to know the availability and performance of these pumps. Even if the systems are already equipped with metering devices, it is mandatory to monitor the correct functionality of the fire pumps via an independent external measurement system.

FLEXIM provides an easy and cost efficient metering solution using our range of hazardous area approved portable flow meters. Simply clamped onto the pipe wall and measurement ready in less than 5 minutes, there is no need to put the fire pump under investigation out of service.

Due to the fact that the FLUXUS flow meters are highly zero point stable and drift free, they are also the ideal solution to detect potential leaks due to poor seals or valves.

Furthermore, with its built-in HybridTrek Mode, FLUXUS allows for the detection of cavitation effects, helping the operator to better understand the health status of the pumps.

Offshore meter checks and fire pump flow performance surveys are routine for our service engineers, who carry our highly portable measuring system as carry-on hand-luggage.