New FLUXUS 736 flowmeter series from FLEXIM

When only the highest possible accuracy is good enough, the new FLUXUS 736 flowmeter series from FLEXIM delivers exceptional results. Its high-end measuring systems combine unrivalled precision with all the advantages of non-invasive flow measurement that are achieved from clamp-on ultrasonic transducers being mounted safely on the outside of the pipe.

With four independent flow measurement channels, the FLUXUS 736’s synchronous four-channel measurement allows immediate compensation of measured value fluctuations resulting from disturbances of the flow profile caused by turbulence or difficult inlet conditions. Under undisturbed flow conditions, the four-channel measurement offers the highest accuracy and is therefore ideally suited as a redundancy or control system for billing measurements.

FLUXUS 736 is available in three reliable versions – F736 for flow measurement o fliquids, G736 for gases and H736 for flow measurement and product identification of liquid hydrocarbons.


The next level of non-invasive flow measurement

Thanks to this innovative new flowmeter series, FLEXIM once again underlines its leading position in the field of non-invasive flow measurement using clamp-on ultrasonic technology. In addition to the powerful and robust hardware, the measuring systems offer additional sophisticated functions, such as integrated disturbance correction for automatic computational compensation of disturbed flow profiles. With the AI-based "Dynamic Gas Master" function of the FLUXUS G736 gas flow meters, it is also possible to accurately measure standard volume flows of gases, even without chromatographic determination of their composition.

And for ultimate peace of mind, all devices have "Advanced Meter Verification" for checking and documenting the functionality of the measuring system and the condition of the measuring point.