Flow Measurement of Activated SludgeQuantitative Flow Analysis in a Rural Waste Water System Check Metering of Permanently Installed Flow Meters in Sewage Treatment Plants Flow Measurement at Pipes Leading to Combined Sewers Non-invasive flow measurement in sewage pumping stations



随着污水处理厂的不断扩大和对高级废水处理的更为严格的要求,运营商正在寻找可靠的方式来改进他们的管道系统。 经验证,FLUXUS的超声波流量计的非侵入式流量测量法是废水流量应用使用的所有其它技术的一种非常好且节约成本的替代方法。

废水处理 是废水收集、处理和再利用的理想流量计量解决方法


FLUXUS WD Series - The solution for water suppliers

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FLUXUS WD – Significant cost and time saving with buried transducer installations

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FLUXUS WD / FLUXUS WS - Monitoring flow in Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes (PCCP)

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FLUXUS WD - Precise monitoring of district metered areas (DMAs)

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FLUXUS F401 - Dedicated Portable Water Meter

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