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Flow Measurement during Gas Injection and WithdrawalFlow Measurement of Inhibitor InjectionFlow and Concentration Measurement during Gas Dehydration Flow Measurement at a Compressor StationAccurate Salt Brine Flow Measurement for In-situ leaching of a Gas StorageFlow Measurement of Sour Gas

Underground Gas Storage & Processing

FLUXUS Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters are used every step of the way

Underground storage of natural gas can take place in depleted reservoirs, in aquifers or in caverns previously leached out of subsurface salt formations. Although each storage type has its own characteristics, all underground gas storage operations face similar challenges:

Highly dynamic bi-directional gas flows under high pressure, wet withdrawn gas which must be dried before being fed back into the transportation network, prevention of hydrate formation, reduction or increase in gas pressures.


Ultrasonic Flow Measurement in Gas Storage Operations

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