PIOX® S - Concentration, Density and Mass Flow Measurement by Ultrasound

The ultrasonic process analyzer PIOX® S is primarily used for an accurate and reliable online concentration and density analysis, serving for a real time process and quality control.

PIOX® S  measures from the pipe wall outside - it can never be the cause for potential leaks or process stops and is thus ideally suited for the measurement of chemically aggressive, corrosive, abrasive or ultra-pure media.

The application areas of PIOX® S extend from concentration and density measurement within the chemical industry, over the Oil & Gas sector, where it monitors density, API number and specific gravity of hydrocarbon media (additionally offering a proper Fluid Identification and Interface Detection), up to the pharmaceutical and beverage industries, where it serves as a highly hygienic measuring method as it never gets in direct contact with the flowing media.
Combining the concentration and density measurement with the integrated volumetric flow measurement, the PIOX® S system is also capable of calculating the (concentration compensated) mass flow rate. PIOX® S is thus also an ideal alternative to Coriolis mass flow meters – especially in challenging conditions!

PIOX® S - Measurement Principle

The measurement method of PIOX® S is based upon the ultrasonic transit-time principle.

Two ultrasonic transducers are mounted to the pipe wall and are alternatingly sending and receiving ultrasonic signals.
Measuring the difference in the transit time between the two signals, the flow velocity (v) and the volume flow - based on
the pipes inner diameter - are accurately calculated. Further, based on the mean value of the ultrasonic signal transit-time, the sonic velocity (c) within the medium is unambiguously determined.

A temperature probe, mounted in clamp-on or inline configuration, transmits the temperature measurement (T).
Based on the measured sonic velocity and temperature, PIOX® S calculates the desired units of measure, such as concentration, density, solid content, yield, as well as user and industry defined values such as Brix and others.
Moreover, by internally combining the values of the volume flow with the measured density of the liquid, the PIOX® S
is able to precisely determine the mass flow rate.